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Nite-Guard (for grinding or bruxing)

Many people suffer the effects of clenching or grinding (bruxing) the teeth, which can occur during the daytime or during sleep. These habits can result in damage to the teeth including severe wear, chipping, and fracture. The jaw joint (TMJ) can become extremely painful and the movement of the lower jaw can be severely limited due to locking. Headaches, especially at the temples, behind the eyes, or at the base of the skull, are a very common symptom among people who brux.

Photo of Nite-Guard

Dr. Luther can provide a Nite-Guard or splint to protect the teeth during clenching or grinding while you are sleeping. The guard is constructed of hard, clear acrylic and is custom-fitted from impressions taken in our office. Depending on the situation, they may be fitted to the top or the bottom teeth. Many of our patients have found great relief in wearing the splint at night, and appreciate the comfort and protection it provides.

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