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Patient Testimonials

“I met and became a patient of Dr. Luther about 15 years ago. He has treated my family countless times and, to be honest with you, I really don't remember any pleasant experiences over these years. Let's face it, I hate needles and especially the endless drilling that seems to pierce my inner brain — then, to top it off, trying to speak coherently as I drool and bite my lips from Novocaine. Dr. Luther, what a terrific guy, but I hate to see him.

Well, all that has changed! Dr. Luther has become our dental redeemer and has taken us to dentistry's promised land! No more needles, no more drilling, no more pain and anxiety. With Luther & Noel's sophisticated and revolutionary laser equipment, pain in dentistry has become a memory of the past. I was thoroughly delighted with my laser dental experience — it was a piece of cake!

I'll be looking forward to seeing Dr. Luther again.”

― Harry Giglio

“Dear Dr. Luther,

On my last treatment to your office, I did not know that I was going to have the laser treatment. But to my surprise and delight, I found that thanks to this treatment, I was free of any pain and discomfort.

I only wish that the dental laser would have been invented a long time ago.

Now, for sure, no one has any reason or excuse not to go to your office for regular dental checkups.”

― Emma Maslanik

“Before getting fitted for my NTI, I frequently woke up with headaches and a painful jaw from clenching my teeth. Since I've been using the device, I haven't had headaches in the morning and my jaw never bothers me. My symptoms seemed to disappear immediately after using the NTI.”

― Brandi Zamboni

“I wanted to let you know how pleased I was after using the NTI device for only three days! I have over the last several years suffered from headaches, jaw pain, neck pain, and a pain down my left shoulder. I found no relief with the tray that I wore prior to trying the NTI because my problem involves clenching rather than grinding of the teeth. Now I am sorry that I didn't take your recommendation to try the NTI device sooner! Thank you!”

― Deborah Sullivan

“Last week I purchased a front-tooth guard and wanted to let you know how well it's been working. The headaches, shooting pains in my face, and sore throat disappeared almost immediately. Thank you again for recommending such a great product.”

― Debra S. Radovich

“As a current patient of Dr. Luther's, I have had the opportunity to utilize his teeth whitening process. I previously used a product that left my teeth sensitive and with a terrible aftertaste in my mouth. Dr. Luther recommended the Colgate Whitening system to me. It not only whitened my teeth after the first use, but didn't create any tooth sensitivity and to top it all off, it tasted like my regular toothpaste!

I am very pleased with the Colgate Whitening system and will continue using it as my preferred whitening product.

Thanks, Dr. Luther!”

― April Talotta

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